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Following the 2016 summer series of the same paragraph Nike FC exposure, this new version will double Gorge Green as the main colors, and with the midsole and outsole traditional white, color and more raw rubber heel and toe as embellishment. Pull heel shoes also scale and Flyknit arrow detailing. Nike put on a small farm FootballX series camouflage: they continue to expand its Nike soccer shoes Futsal small territory. They are currently the main small soccer shoes are all covered with the red-hot camouflage, camouflage make wave completely swept the entire soccer shoes. Concern is TiempoX series, the long-awaited, the legendary small-game series at heel fashion camouflage against the background and to meet you. Since then, the NPC Futsal small field and 11 field echo each other in football shoes, FootballX small game series of the last piece of the puzzle is an assembly. MagistaX, HypervenomX, MercurialX and Proximo IC’s are used in versions TiempoX wear marking rubber outsole in toe shoes and other small soccer field area also joined the abrasion protection design, fully taking into account the actual needs. By contrast, the end HypervenomX Proximo IC to be soft, and increase the diversity of family overwhelmed FootballX some extent. This share has begun to camouflage wind swept various venues, indoor venues and street campaign people have started to join this overwhelming power shares.

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Of course, no matter how you look, it sounds more like a blowing his own trumpet, but the French European Cup just around the corner, and that is to examine Mercurail Superfly V touchstone. In addition to these points, the Superfly IV than carbon fiber outsole, the Nike successfully outsole weight loss of 40%, the method is borrowed from the current outsole structure Mercuiral VaporX on. In fact, many people are fans who VaporX outsole structure. In addition, the heel also made little improvement to enhance the wearing comfort, this seemingly insignificant improvements, but vital for many players. It is reported that the new Mercurial Superfly V will be available in June, that is, before the start of the European Cup in France.
Nike launched a new shoes Air Max Mercurial R9 FC: Mercurial Nike series is undoubtedly one of the most successful soccer shoe design, and this season, Nike will aliens Ronaldo classic football boots Mercurial R9 do combine science and technology with the Air Max, launched new shoes Air Max Mercurial R9 FC. Shoe body with a lightweight breathable Hyperfuse material production, the famous water ripple pattern is preserved, with uppers in black, blue two-color rendering, while incorporating silver reflective details, and finally mounted on the bottom with a large white and gray ink 120 degree heel cushion.

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The three combined to make for a very interesting scene. Each soccer shoes Swoosh logo and heel series of signs (MercurialX, HypervenomX, MagistaX) and which colors are the latter part of the same soccer shoe soles, while the front half portion of the sole it is used after another half part of the color. List up, MercurialX soles after pink, orange before; HypervenomX soles after orange, yellow before; and after MagistaX soles, compared with yellow, pink ago. Circle around the back, relaxing. Distressed Indigo series used bright colors, it is also in line with a small soccer field fast and creative features. Nike Footballx Distressed Indigo series is the latest color FootballX, the introduction of ultra-small top Nike soccer shoes is a response to a small football field made popular in the world. Nike soccer shoes small large collection: It seems that yesterday still turns warm again, blink of an eye has come to the May weather. Whether rain or sunshine, undeniably, took to the streets kicking legs season has arrived, and Nike precisely to celebrate this season, we launched a series of small Distressed Indigo soccer shoes.Small soccer field is now the explosive growth, every city of the world, you will see the emergence of a lot of small streets and a stadium to play people.

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As the first Black History Month was launched in soccer shoes, soccer shoes, which pay tribute to the athletes and coaches 6, including Boateng. 2014 Nike Mercurial Superlfy CR7: C Lo in 2014 Madrid for the first time put Superfly CR7, followed by that one person shoes co-starred in “Out of this World” (extraterrestrial) videos. Classic black shining brilliance, coupled with laces and blue carbon fiber outsole, which all appear in the “What The Mercurial” soccer shoes. 2000 Nike Match Mercurial
2000 Nike Match Mercurial Nike Alpha Project is part of the heel of five small point marks the project includes sports shoes across various sports, but it also has a good performance. KNG-100 material from the upper gradient metal copper to toe in black. In “What the Mercurial”, the five golden dots dotted with shoe heel. “What the Mercurial” soccer shoes in early 1998 appearance at the Nike Mercurial soccer shoes brought subversive to track and field spikes running shoes inspired conical design, designed to cut the ball and shooting speed and build. “Mercurial” is defined as “unpredictable”, the series of shoes in the past on behalf of the players and both have a smooth and varied style.

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To apply these shoes a lot of excellent work on a hard surface to air on foot buffer. They were “running a cloud” feeling, my love, especially when running long distances descuento Air Max 180 seconds to your legs feel almost a jump, instead of opening the way for every shot. VAT, you will also find shoes Nike Air Max 90 Comprar on baratosnike. Enter only the ball of each foot pad for you every step of the foot and distribute weight evenly. The Nike Air Max, one of the best-selling line of shoes, is different shoe brand that is clinically apparent Nike Air Engineering uses. And Thay have many running shoes and basketball, it is a foundation later Cres “Air” shoes from Nike consolidated, that the Force Premire Arian and Air Jordan sneakers, Nike Air Max shoes.The the color is excellent buffer the building block of clear air in the fillets of most of its models. Units of airbags Air Max styles in many editions, but it is often meaningless in most models. Factor that gives the range of other brands Nike Air apart. Meanwhile, the Nike “silver bullet” Air Max 97 is probably the color of this model is the most democratic, and fortunately, the colorway of the men and women in two sizes Nike Air Max 24/7 I’ll take the can. Nike Air Max 24/7 can be used for the MY97 OG colors. With silver metallic leather sport entirely. Although the high school team is red, midfoot and tongue in addition to the gray mesh, the Nike Air Max, 24.07, Metallic Silver / Team Red-Black, just give up is one of the most 24/7s Max Air unit, the knee and lace panels basketball quartern The color of choice. 24/7s we saw Air Max, which is probably best. The air max for cheap,one of the best-selling line of shoes, is different shoes brand that uses the apparent procd Nike Air engineering. and thay have many running shoes and basketball shoes,This is an foundation later on “Air” shoes cres by consolidated Nike shoes, as the Premire Arian Force and the cheap nike air max.The sneakers Nike Air Max highlighting is its excellent buffering the building block obvious from the air in the fillets of sole of most of its modles. The units of air cushions Air Max different styles in many editions, but it’s often vacuous in most modles. Indicates factor that differentiates the range of products from other brands Nike Air. The Nike Max 90 is a widescreen or Nike running shoes. It features a durable outsole, Nike Kobe shoes and forefoot with this attractive large Air Max unit in the set. The Max 90 Shoes is a lightweight and breathable Nike through the mesh. Here is an interpretation of the Nike Shox Max Cheap Nike only for children of Max 90 GS Panda, a panda to the problem of language, a flower convention high-level lifts, cowhide and patented features to recover. The boots are a white / green cleaning / dark / metallic silver. Nike to defend your young children more than I thought. Every day you have young children to take more money, as childless nike max, their health. Top of Nike Air Max is a highly breathable mesh keeps your feet dry and even more. Reflective strips, these shoes are impossible to forget the evening, so it’s safer to drive at night. The Nike Air Max shoes is not only a professional Air Max Running Shoes slow, but also some cultural shoes, Air Max unique design flow line, a bit lighter, we also Air Max 1, Nike Air Comprar max 90, air max 2010 , air max 360, air max 2009, Air Max Ltd Air Max and more. All series have tennis shoes, basketball shoes and sneakers, many species of your choice. The Nike Air Max Skyline is obtained in a wide range of colors and they are combined and processed to generate a funky shoe. Nike Max bubble that may arise in the back of the shoe makes it an example that people love. The full list of the shoe is beautiful and good designers have done a remarkable job in this department.The Skyline Nike is also comfortable. Being a shoe, it was for everyday use. You can wear the shoe just about everywhere and you do not have to fear about your feet hurt. The Skyline has the power to achieve this goal with the procedure and the Air Max cushioning PU midsole, which sanctions the boat comfortably.

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Charlie: We have manufacturing partners in China and strong as ever. We continue to release a lot of orders to manufacturers, including footwear, apparel, and even some cases of parts orders. In the global market, opportunities for Nike, or that our job is to create a diverse portfolio of Nike’s ability to meet global consumer demand for the product. I hope that together we can continue to work with Chinese manufacturers can produce a large number of Nike products in China. But we will look for some other place of the manufacturer to increase the ability to adapt to changing Nike supply chain needs, allowing companies to take advantage of the different and changing global environment.

Reporter: Chinese manufacturers increasingly high labor costs, which determined whether Nike will incentive for manufacturers to move to Vietnam? Charlie: Not exactly, labor costs in the world are upgrading, this is not a phenomenon unique to the Chinese market, I believe that labor costs in Vietnam or elsewhere in the world also are rising. We will continue to examine labor costs by one every region, regardless of the short, medium or long term. Moreover, when we continue to see rising labor costs, we also look forward to labor prices.

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Charlie: it must be declared, regardless whether competitors copying Nike’s business model, I do not wish to make a comment. Compared to how to consider from the Chinese market and our growth opportunities in consumer, competitor performance is not important. For us, our business model has allowed us to grow rapidly, very fast, we are convinced that this model will achieve our re notice of June 2011 figures. In the 2015 fiscal year, Nike Group’s overall annual revenue will reach 2.8 billion to $ 30 billion.

It is this business model, so we are very sensitive and quick to respond to consumer demand. I think, for Nike, this model effective, both in China, the United States, or other global markets, we will continue to use this model. Enhance the resilience of the supply chain? “Labor costs are not the main cause of migration manufacturer Nike, although it does have an impact, but the real reason lies in the need to constantly enhance the ability to adapt to Nike changeable market.” Reporter: the moment, Vietnam is the largest country of manufacture Nike products , but once the first major origin – China retired, does this mean that further adjustments of Nike’s global supply chain? What are the reasons behind this change?

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Adidas and Nike podium contention appearance at this year’s London Olympics, the competition is not just athletes, as well as sponsors behind them. British team of athletes and British Olympic Association sponsors Adidas (Adidas) signed an agreement, they will wear Adidas clothing and sneakers and went to the Olympic Village during the awards ceremony, during the competition, they can wear any brand equipment. For those with Adidas rival Nike – signed contract athletes, their brokerage firm, said at the ceremony, these athletes have to barefoot on stage, so as not to violate the treaty of any party.

However, Nike has been no back down, the company’s spokesman said:. “From our point of view, we signed contracts with individual athletes are binding on the British Olympic Association, we are to consult on this issue” Such problem may also affect other similar situations Olympic team. Nike is Russia, China, the United States and the German Olympic Committee sponsor, Puma is the sponsor of the Jamaican Olympic Committee, and sponsored by Adidas, turning Australia and British Olympic Association.Nike teamed boy do children’s wear market to snatch one hundred billion Cake With profits shrinking adult clothing, children’s clothing business in the eyes gradually become associated hearty “dishes on the menu.”

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Denson said, such companies during the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games launched Flywire technology bubble and the moon, and now accounted for 60% of Nike’s product line. Nike CEO Mark Parker said: “We believe that innovation and technology are now published is likely to change athletes race results Nike has been committed to providing the best innovative products for different levels of athletes,nike air huarache white sport turquoise gold og, and today we did it. and the use of a very shocking way .Nike Flyknit uppers innovative interpretation of the definition of sports shoes: light weight, and almost seamless, like a second skin and foot shoe from a single piece, single material. precision machining, can minimize waste, is a sports shoe design and manufacturing methods for a big change. ”

Denson said: “Our idea is to be able to value the athletes are passed on to consumers in the consumer opinion, elite athletes have the same needs — they want the best, they want to improve their results. nike air huarache white pure platinum for sale, “While the economic uncertainty to the global customer base, Nike has brought some pressure, but in most countries, sales of Nike, the company has maintained a steady growth in the footwear and apparel. The reason is its victory Nike Depending on market, price point or consumer demographic data, the development of a wide range of products and services.