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“WindChill” (cool) color soccer Nike Mercurial Vapor Superfly II shoes starting in January 2011 by C Lo staged the first show in the stadium against Atletico Madrid in the King’s Cup. Year, C Lo wearing new shoes delivered in the second half scored the only goal of the game, to help Real Madrid to advance the 2010/11 Spanish Cup semi-finals, the final they beat Barcelona in the final and the cup. Of course, the key to enter the final goal, is still C Lo. The year’s classic VaporII “WindChill” color into Nike’s latest speed-type shoes among the revolutionary amount, Swoosh Customs designed the Nike Mercurial Superfly “WindChill” Commemorative Edition combines the white main color and eye-catching blue and purple pattern . Interestingly, the designer for the upper with the latest fly-woven uppers and dynamic fit collar at the same time, they retain the outsole design of the year Mercurial Vapor Superfly II, this combination is really rare. Nike launched Nike Free Hypervenom Smart purple sneakers: Nike Free Hypervenom latest sneakers color at an incredible purple to pink gradient design, the inspiration comes from the color of the “grape purple” color of Nike Hypervenom Phantom II soccer shoes. 2nd generation Nike Hypervenom inherited the essence of the design of soccer shoes Nike Free Hypervenom sneakers are the best examples of a combination of football and fashion, it street shoes Nike Chukka series is modeled based on the Nike Hypervenom upper soccer shoes, soles, compared with Free outsole.

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Gold / Volt Yellow Nike Mercurial Superfly IV edition leather soccer shoes spy: Coming in November 2015 launched a new gold / volt yellow (Translator’s Note: This is actually a golden color in Canvas, which is the old parchment canvas color) color Nike Mercurial Superfly IV kangaroo leather soccer shoes version brings a bold design for the shoes. Nike Tech Craft series first released in August this year, the series will be three of Nike’s soccer shoes synthetic material configured Kangaroo leather upper, it also brings the same series of color as Nike Tiempo Legend V. Tech Craft series starting color in colored part of sections of soccer shoes are from Lightning Storm Lightning Storm series color, and foot are the kangaroo leather forefoot material. The new Nike Mercurial Superfly IV edition leather soccer shoes with the eye-catching design of the half, which combines gold, fluorescent yellow and black. The dynamics of the iconic shoe fitting collar, laces and outsole volts yellow, while the upper area of ​​the ball is used to provide a golden kangaroo leather ball unparalleled experience. If this pair of kangaroo leather version of the Nike Mercurial Superfly IV is the most advanced of kangaroo leather soccer shoes is probably no exaggeration. This pair of shoes using a shoe fly woven carbon fiber outsole, but also use the front foot foot kangaroo leather high-grade material, which makes the shoe became the ultimate leather soccer shoes on the market today.

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Appreciate Nike Tiempo Premier football shoes white / team red color: traveling in Tiempo long history, from the 2008 Nike dusty memories to find out the “Metal white / team red” color Air Legend II football boots to flick dust and to decorate with the latest Nike Tiempo Legend Premier Pack series a soccer shoe. That year, sections of similar color, people are more likely to meet the so-called change is nothing but your favorite color appears on the Swoosh logo. What gimmick to improve retention rates high shoes collar like not and will not yet appeared, we are truly relying on excellent design. Of course, everything needs a dialectical view, did at that time on the creative design of the shoes is limited, but the players never displeasure, this is the people from the Premier soccer shoes purely as seen. The Air Legend II football boots of the most popular colors used to decorate a new pair of kangaroo leather soccer shoes, this is simply the easiest successful strategy. Through this method, in addition to Nike’s prepared for all the players crazy fancy soccer shoes introduced a different choice. Nike Tiempo Legends Premier Pack Release soccer shoes: Nike today unveiled the special edition Nike Tiempo Legends Premier Pack tribute to soccer shoes Nike Tiempo football boots.

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Magista Liquid Chrome Series Obra metallic silver color soccer shoes: Nike brings Liquid Chrome Pack (liquid metal series) of the new color, a new color in the series of three soccer shoes football shoes to Magista Obra, will be accompanied by Nike Tiempo Legend VI simultaneously debut. The soccer shoes outsole volt yellow metal using a strong sense of contrast vamp, said unexpectedly beautiful but difficult. Not that there is anything wrong color, but always felt something missing. Perhaps it is that we have seen in the Tech Craft series in the second paragraph of color too much volt yellow, and even dynamic fit volt yellow collar are captured, which makes us quite a bit fatigued. But you like is the most important, go its own way, do not control what we say. Liquid Chrome Pack (liquid metal series) is the upcoming Nike soccer shoes the color, so Nike’s endorsement Magista Obra and Opus players will also join Hypervenom and Mercurial endorsement players who ranks dress new color. As for performance, and now we all know, the new sections of the same color as before. The difference is only that the metal plate shiny color.

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Through this contract, the Premier League and we hope to continue to deepen cooperation. “At the same time, Nike will support the Premier League’s players’ jerseys plan,” the news was announced. “Shirt Plan” is a project of the Premier League, in this project, there are more than 4200 schools and local sphere won a new shirt sponsorship Nike Mercurial Vapor IX is no longer a soccer shoe:. Nike’s Mercurial Vapor X has launched more than a year, but does not affect the brand in 2015, it recycled remake However, the latest Mercurial Vapor IX is not a pair. soccer shoes, replaced by a new Air Max. called Mercurial Vapor IX R9 shoes access to the legendary Brazilian star Ronaldo (Ronaldo) 1998 Nian element Mercurial R9 and Vapor IX with a smooth upper and Max Air relief point ink bottom epicenter presented together went to the Christmas season inventory ten sets of Nike soccer shoes: then from edge-catching series began last Christmas schedule is a good traditional black boots has been the mainstream of football, until the white boots on from the 1970s to emerge last year, Nike used this winter in the most prominent fire a good suit, the shoes Yan family values ​​are very high, and today, this color is also very sought after.

A closer look at NikeFootballX Safari Pack small game series soccer shoes: street football is a unique style, and victory or defeat depends on the movement of a split between Nike FootballX series in the sport will be reflected in the implementation of the cultural details products for the concrete jungle to bring all kinds of waging new shoes. 1987 by Tinker Hatfield designed the Air Safari is a classic well-deserved, and it influenced many subsequent product design, and these include the 2010 Mercurial Vapor Superfly II CR7 soccer shoes. And this is similar to an ostrich-like design, and is now at Nike FootballX series With the new FootballX Safari Pack again turned out. FootballX series of soccer shoes football shoes combines sophisticated technology and is designed for small soccer field and launched a design element, it is Nike’s most advanced and most capable of leading the small street football fashion soccer shoes. Shallow bone gray / black Nike Mercuiral Superfly Tech Craft spy soccer shoes: Nike upcoming March 2016 launch of the amazing bone pale gray / black Nike Mercuiral Superfly Tech Craft (scientific and technological ingenuity) leather soccer shoes.

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Although we had a few months ago at the foot of Nike’s star C Luo to see the next generation of high-top version of the Nike Mercurial Superfly football shoes blacked camouflage-like shoes, but until today, I finally see what version of Mercurial help low true capacity Vapor XI soccer shoes. Just as the previous generation, the next generation of Nike Mercurial Vapor soccer shoes for the ultimate high-speed movement of the ball and the perfect leg lock and special. The next generation, which is the 11th generation of Mercurial Vapor soccer shoe combines traditional design to help low and there is no tongue-in-one design of ultra-thin Teijin microfiber uppers bring barefoot feel and better locks. In order to effect locking on a higher level than the previous generation, Nike also features a new built-in skeleton, but it still does not use an external TPU design. In order to provide a better feel under various conditions, Nike Mervurial Vapor XI soccer shoes Nike also uses the ACC all-weather ball-handling skills. But the most interesting thing is the structure of the new Speed ​​Ribs SHOES surface used. Sped Ribs as Nike Mecurial soccer shoes in new selling point, but also will lead to better lock the ball and effect.

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Recalling the past 18 years, many of the iconic striker, maybe you could put it bluntly Vapor are cattle! Now, however, the Vapor seems retired. Speaking of strong attack of “Spark Brilliance” series of marketing, in view of the many gimmicks Superfly, Vapor seems to have been marginalized. Nike Vapor XI seemingly located under the shadow, but never lonely. Given Vapor X performance and favorable received in the professional arena, we are looking forward to the real test Vapor XI. Recalling before many big players have opted Vapor X, many more players will Superfly IV high shoes collar cut, so we can not help thinking that in the end the legendary Vapor is going to get, or stay depressed in the shadows? First impressions? Over the past five years, Nike has almost exhausted a variety of colors, while the Vapor XI chose among several colors of the bright appearance. “Total Crimson” for Nike, and not many new ideas, maybe “Pink explosion” is closer to purple color there is so little creativity, as “volt yellow” color, the Nike absolute true love, where all forgotten it is not.

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Triangle still tongue – Totti foot exclusive Nike Tiempo Legend VI: Roma legend Totti finally put his customized version of soccer shoes Nike Tiempo Legend VI. This is the first time back after he was injured in the match against Carpi since September 2015’s. Totti foot of the customized version of Tiempo Legend VI football shoes most obvious feature is now known that the tongue, not only different, but also, and far removed from the ordinary version of soccer shoes. Nike Tiempo Legend VI soccer shoes tongue had quite modern, but Totti’s customized version is adopted valgus design, with an elastic band will be fixed in order to prevent tongue deviation. Totti in the past few years have been using the same tongue design, and even the Nike Garnett last year launched its own personalized Nike Tiempo Legend V soccer shoes, the shoe designs are included in his iconic valgus tongue. This is in addition to feet shoes uppers tongue, the ordinary Nike Tiempo Legend VI are not very different, also using the latest X-Ray Skeleton design. But Nike did not forget the 39-year-old midfielder at the end of the special requirements of large, specially ordered for him outsole with money and a few years before he had been using to fully meet the individual needs of the Roman legend.

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When monotonous comfort has failed to meet after you put it on to the game, you will really feel the magic. Kangaroo leather fabric provides excellent comfort, although as long as is comfortable pair of soccer shoes can provide the same experience, but that does not mean that any of shoes has the ability to shake Tiempo status, and that silky smooth Tiempo VI lining is no doubt that the shoes will be a congregation than down. Almost all of the classic leather soccer shoes can provide excellent tactile, but only one can Tiempo unparalleled sense of touch and barefoot together. Designed for those who like to create a sense of barefoot soccer shoes, like, Tiempo VI make your feet closer to the ball, while losing as one pair of leather shoes should have characteristics. Every time you catch, the ball when you can feel a sense of comfort cushioning leather fabric brings, people can not help falling in love with this feeling pass the ball. This feeling is today’s soccer shoe market, “fewer and less”. From the “tongue” foot to foot to the front of the class can feel comfort from the top fabric to bring.