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Recalling the past 18 years, many of the iconic striker, maybe you could put it bluntly Vapor are cattle! Now, however, the Vapor seems retired. Speaking of strong attack of “Spark Brilliance” series of marketing, in view of the many gimmicks Superfly, Vapor seems to have been marginalized. Nike Vapor XI seemingly located under the shadow, but never lonely. Given Vapor X performance and favorable received in the professional arena, we are looking forward to the real test Vapor XI. Recalling before many big players have opted Vapor X, many more players will Superfly IV high shoes collar cut, so we can not help thinking that in the end the legendary Vapor is going to get, or stay depressed in the shadows? First impressions? Over the past five years, Nike has almost exhausted a variety of colors, while the Vapor XI chose among several colors of the bright appearance. “Total Crimson” for Nike, and not many new ideas, maybe “Pink explosion” is closer to purple color there is so little creativity, as “volt yellow” color, the Nike absolute true love, where all forgotten it is not.

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Triangle still tongue – Totti foot exclusive Nike Tiempo Legend VI: Roma legend Totti finally put his customized version of soccer shoes Nike Tiempo Legend VI. This is the first time back after he was injured in the match against Carpi since September 2015’s. Totti foot of the customized version of Tiempo Legend VI football shoes most obvious feature is now known that the tongue, not only different, but also, and far removed from the ordinary version of soccer shoes. Nike Tiempo Legend VI soccer shoes tongue had quite modern, but Totti’s customized version is adopted valgus design, with an elastic band will be fixed in order to prevent tongue deviation. Totti in the past few years have been using the same tongue design, and even the Nike Garnett last year launched its own personalized Nike Tiempo Legend V soccer shoes, the shoe designs are included in his iconic valgus tongue. This is in addition to feet shoes uppers tongue, the ordinary Nike Tiempo Legend VI are not very different, also using the latest X-Ray Skeleton design. But Nike did not forget the 39-year-old midfielder at the end of the special requirements of large, specially ordered for him outsole with money and a few years before he had been using to fully meet the individual needs of the Roman legend.

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When monotonous comfort has failed to meet after you put it on to the game, you will really feel the magic. Kangaroo leather fabric provides excellent comfort, although as long as is comfortable pair of soccer shoes can provide the same experience, but that does not mean that any of shoes has the ability to shake Tiempo status, and that silky smooth Tiempo VI lining is no doubt that the shoes will be a congregation than down. Almost all of the classic leather soccer shoes can provide excellent tactile, but only one can Tiempo unparalleled sense of touch and barefoot together. Designed for those who like to create a sense of barefoot soccer shoes, like, Tiempo VI make your feet closer to the ball, while losing as one pair of leather shoes should have characteristics. Every time you catch, the ball when you can feel a sense of comfort cushioning leather fabric brings, people can not help falling in love with this feeling pass the ball. This feeling is today’s soccer shoe market, “fewer and less”. From the “tongue” foot to foot to the front of the class can feel comfort from the top fabric to bring.

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With the arrival of the 100th anniversary celebration of the anniversary of American football, the America’s Cup again expanded from 12 teams to 16, to achieve a joint North and South American football. Nike football festival to create this “ordem ciento” using leading technology and bold firesome graphic design. Imagine it in the game flying screen, especially when the rotation brings beauty, there is no doubt which will let you enjoy music. “Ordem ciento” will be available this summer Sanchez, Neymar and so closely linked to the world’s top players, fans can purchase it from March 1. It will be in June 3, Santa Clara, California, the opening ceremony of the official debut. Photo Recalling revolutionary Flyknit technology development process, from inception in 2012, Flyknit shoe technology redefines the future direction of running shoes. This only with a vamp made of polyester yarn, both for the body of the shoe to provide a lightweight, elastic and wear resistance and other characteristics, but also the natural line through the line staggered apertures formed to solve the breathable material itself poor characteristics, it appears not only to subvert the traditional craft of shoe production, shoe production process reduces waste of resources, but also to further the pursuit of Nike “barefoot” design philosophy to flourish.

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TechCraft series is already being proposed in Nike’s innovation lab a few years ago because it was raised because Nike designers who think the current market, more and more players want to have a current and differentiated products soccer shoes. Nike also realized that, in fact, the demand for leather soccer shoes is still quite strong, based on the idea that Nike began several years of development, in order to meet consumer demand. And in professional and amateur players from around the world dialogue, Nike realized two most popular players leather soccer shoes. One is the hope to get the best players in touch through soft leather, there is a hope without significantly increasing the weight of shoes at the same time, get comfortable and wear protection performance of certain players. So TechCraft in the end is the story behind it? In short, TechCraft tradition and is the perfect combination of modern football shoes. By using Nike K-Fuse technology, designers will be able to fly on the leather covering woven uppers. Specifically, is the fly in the production of woven uppers soccer shoes, originally canceled in the upper cover NikeSkin, in turn covered with a thin layer of kangaroo leather. This technology will be integrated into the flying kangaroo leather woven material to avoid the excessive use of shoe materials cause weight gain.

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This pair of unique Nike Hypervneom Phantom II + Neymar Jordan version retails for 375 US dollars, it is not only made in Italy, but also will use a customized version of the shoe and laces. Obviously, this will also be a limited edition football shoes. Nike air huarache shoes whole new generation of speed-type comparison of levels: Today, Nike’s new generation of speed-type soccer shoes Nike Mercurial series of sale. In such an important day, let us look in addition ultra top Superlfy V and other top VaporXI how each level has its characteristics. As the new pinnacle of Nike’s innovative design, the retail price of Mercurial Superfly V reaches $ 300 in court spokesman also include C Luo and Marshall and other players. As its predecessor Superfly IV general, Superfly V also used to fly woven uppers and dynamic fit collar. As the top Vapor XI, is in addition to another outside Superlfy V widespread in the professional arena models. VaporXI very similar predecessor, also uses Teijin Microfiber upper and tongue-free design, the retail price reached 230 dollars. The new Mercurial Veloce III soccer shoes are completely different from before, mainly due to the newly added dynamic fit collar.The soccer shoe uppers similar to Vapor, and joined using woven material fly high shoes collar, the shoe retails for 155 dollars.

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The new HypervenomX finale Spark Brilliance IC and TF soccer shoes have two versions will retail for $ 100. Nike launched NikeID Mercurial VaporXI soccer shoes: in addition to Mercurial Superfly V, Nike also launched yesterday NikeID Mercurial VaporXI soccer shoes. Superfly and compared, VaporXI offers more color choices. The new VaporXI ID followed by a soccer shoe in three colors, and the forefoot there are five colors to choose from. Coupled with six kinds of shoe outsole and three secondary colors, 16 kinds Swoosh logo, as well as 16 kinds of laces of different options 12 Chinese flag, we can almost say VaporXI ID soccer shoes with endless color possibilities. The new NikeID Mercurial VaporXI soccer shoes and ordinary version uses the same technology. It uses ultra-thin microfiber uppers and traditional materials designed to help low to bring the ultimate lock and stability. Retail NikeID Mercurial VaporXI soccer shoes for $ 270. Nike launched NikeID Mercurial superfly V soccer shoes: the long-awaited, Nike finally launched NikeID Mercurial superfly V soccer shoes. This Superfly V than ever to provide more customization options. While Nike has demonstrated before Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid respectively, these two teams in the Champions League final for the inspiration customized version of ID SuperlfyV, and two custom dynamic fit in the collar using the corresponding color, but eventually launched, dynamic fit collar color is still not accepted custom, although the body of the shoe color, Nike does provide more choices.

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“According to the foot sole contour design has a more natural fit feeling, so that the foot right embedded therein,” Lee said. “We work together with therapists believe that the design to reduce unnecessary movement within the shoe while shoes to reduce foot oppression, players help to minimize energy loss in the game. “Nike has also developed a new Merurial soccer shoe sole design a single layer of material. Conventional football shoe soles usually consists of multiple superposed materials, and the Nike adopted a new technique of vacuum forming hollow soles. Mercurial soccer shoe soles of a new generation of carbon fiber soles lighter than 40%, more solid than ever and have a stronger reaction. “Carbon fiber soles to high standards we set,” Lee said, “but we are determined to make a breakthrough, to go through two years of research and tests, we did it.” We solve another problem is the brake on the speed nature, intuitively, this seems to be contrary to the concept and speed. “In the emergency stop capability is a key element of speed,” Lee said, “If the athletes are not sure whether to quickly complete stop when needed, they must do to slow down the speed of advance preparation, it is like driving a car. “

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Blue Diamond closer look at the Nike Mercurial Vapor CR7 football boots: design inspiration sensational natural color diamond Nike Mercurial Superfly CR7 Exclusive boots opinion back again the best partner Mercurial Vapor CR7. Nike has been like the Superfly and Vapor playing twin brothers, turn this natural color diamonds painted on the market’s most popular Mercurial Vapor. But Nike did not seem too were full of creative work, but on the Vapor canvas painted with a new simple paint it. Of course, this approach is the most intelligent design, Nike’s Vapor has been most concerned about the market and products, in fact, this is the tenth time into the Vapor CR7 exclusive product line which. Just rough shape on the Vapor Superfly design into a printed pattern, in order to ensure the integrity of the series. New color design represents the second phase of the C Luo football career, a 12-year-old boy left home alone to pursue the dream of becoming a professional footballer, he did very well.Nike launched a new Hyperstrong Match Sleeves sock: new Hyperstrong Match Sleeves Nike socks in the field of innovative products, provide the ultimate protection for players while ensuring the flexibility of the leg is not affected. The product is in science and technology summit last week released the Nike 2016, the United States and the French national team will be the first enabled.

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Air Max mash Superfly what will become? Nike’s performance sports shoes and fashion sneakers Air Max two iconic products and Superfly combination brings Dink Hatfield’s Air Max 90 Ultra Superfly T. First saw this pair of sneakers, it seems quite a bit of embarrassment, combined with two pairs of athletic shoes looks a bit nondescript, or that very special. It was the first time people see the biological from the depths of the ocean in general, people suspect it is not real existence. Look how so ugly? So strange? It does not seem to really like. This is the first Hiroshi Fujiwara, Dink Hatfield and Mark Parker separately draw their own ideas for the combination. Hatfield explains Air Max 90 Ultra Superfly T creation Insider: “I have been struggling in the end is to make full use of it, or pay more attention to style, color if I was asked to redesign Air Max, then I will make a change in me. the use of more advanced technologies. I always like to wear Mercurial Superfly feeling, collar feel great. and for the Air Max 90 brings collar, we will change the performance of the entire pair of shoes, which I as a designer concern.